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You should start a Podcast. Here’s Why.

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When building an audience, one of the most critical elements to figure out is your content. You will need to consider things like…

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your message to them? What unique perspective/approach do you bring?
  • What does content creation look like? (Frequency, medium, etc.)
  • What does the distribution look like? How can you get that content to your audience?
  • How do you measure the success/growth of that content?

You probably noticed that I bolded “medium” (a.k.a. the format your content takes, whether it be blogs, audio, video, etc.). Why?

The right medium for your content plays a critical role in engagement, distribution, and success in building an audience.

But what medium do you select?

  • You are probably handsome, so video?
  • I assume you would put Hemmingway to shame, so the written word?
  • I bet your silky smooth voice could make some good audio content…
  • Perhaps you could use those finely-tuned artistic capabilities to describe with illustrations what words cannot express.

At the end of the day, you need to pick a medium that makes sense with the audience you are talking to, the topic you are speaking about, and your capabilities.

Note: I did not say the medium you are most “comfortable with”. Many in the audience-building space will say that you should use a medium you feel comfortable with. But in many cases, comfort is developed over a period of discomfort (E.g. most people don’t like to see themselves on video, but after their 50th video find themselves more comfortable). Sure, start where you feel most comfortable while you hone what you want to say, but building an audience is hard and requires us to get out of our comfort zones. Okay… rant over.

As you could probably tell, as of writing this article, I have an opinion on which medium is ideal for most people/organizations.

A Podcast is One of the Best Mediums for Building an Audience

It’s not that starting a podcast is the only way to successfully build an audience by any means, simply that it is one of the strongest mediums. There are several reasons for this.

Another note: When I say podcast, I am referring to a podcast that is also video record, not simply an audio file. I say this because the video component to distribution (which will be covered shortly).

Podcasts Build Trust

When your audience is watching/listening to your podcast, you are in their head. When they listen to a few of your podcasts, they get in your head (understand the way you think about the topic). There is a pseudo-relationship that starts to develop between podcasters and listeners as if you were sitting next to them for hours. They start to feel like they know you – it’s what Jonathan Stark calls “asymmetric intimacy“.

Additionally, there is an inherent authority that comes with developing a podcast – like writing a book. To listeners, it’s a platform that builds authority more easily than reading a blog or newsletter can.

Podcasts are Built for Distribution

My favorite part of podcasts is the depth of media you can get from them to distribute.

A single podcast episode can….

  • be added to a podcast platform (duh)
  • transcribed and cleaned to become a blog,
  • have video snippets cut out and distributed,
  • have quotes pulled and shared on social,
  • be added to a newsletter,
  • be parsed for key insights and shared on social,
  • and more.

Do it right, and that episode can be used to build your audience across many platforms like YouTube, Spotify, your website, social platforms, and more.

No other medium can distribute as a podcast can.

With the right systems and resources, these assets can be created in a matter of days for a very affordable price. Or, you can invest in a team to help roll it out (which is more affordable than you may think).

Podcasts are Engaging

It’s a well-known fact that video is one of the most engaging mediums. With a background in the marketing agency world, I constantly see real-world data that validates this.

When scrolling through a social feed, people are more likely to stop at a video, and more likely to engage with it.

When receiving a newsletter, recipients are more likely to click if it’s featuring a video.

Adding a video to the top of a blog increases time on page, decreases bounce rate, and boosts pretty much any behavioral on-page metric.

So, Start a Podcast.

I get it – podcasting feels like an uphill battle. But, if you have your message locked down, your niche discovered, and you just need a way to get your thoughts out there to your audience, it’s time to consider starting a podcast.

No, it’s not as expensive as you think.

Yes, there are a lot of people out there that can help.

This is the way.


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