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The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

Our Top Pick: Astra

Astra is a lightweight, flexible WordPress theme that can be made to work for just about any small business scenario. It's highly compatible with pretty much all of the major page builders (like Elementor), and it's robust enough to customize on its own. With a free option available, this theme is just about perfect.


Divi: Best for Built-In Page Builder

OceanWP: Best for Ecommerce

Sydney: Best for Flexibility

Are you looking for the best WordPress Themes for a Small Business?

Here’s a quick overview of the top themes:

  1. Astra
  2. Divi
  3. Ocean WP
  4. Sydney
  5. Betheme
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. X-theme
  8. Intact
  9. Ultra
  10. Authority Pro

What makes these themes perfect for your small business? Keep reading to find out more.

First, what are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is a cluster of files (or templates) that make your website’s layout and overall appearance, including graphics, style sheets, images, and code. It helps you create a small business website without coding them from scratch. 

All WordPress sites have default themes that you can change to match your needs.  

Let’s look at features that a WordPress theme changes on your website:

  • Sidebars
  • Navigation menus
  • Custom headers 
  • Custom backgrounds 
  • Post formats
  • Hyperlink colors
  • Typography

Choosing a suitable theme for your site is crucial since it makes your website appealing and easy to use, enhancing visitor engagement. 

The WordPress theme directory has over 10,000 free themes, and many more are available in the marketplace. 

To help you navigate the thousands of themes, WordPress categorizes the themes into three buckets:

  • The page layout includes a grid, one, two, three, or four columns, and sidebars. 
  • Features include custom headers, colors, logos, or menus. You can also choose whether you want featured images, editor style, accessibility reader, etc. 
  • The subject allows you to choose the purpose of a blog page. For instance, if you want a theme for a business website, you can choose e-commerce. Other options include entertainment, holiday, news, photography, portfolio layout, education, blog, and food & drink. 

Premium vs. Free WordPress theme

Free themes come from high-end vendors or independent developers who create them as tempters for premium packages (so the idea is that you’ll eventually be drawn to level-up and pay – but you won’t have to). If you are on a limited budget, you can purchase a free theme on WordPress Directory and trust its security and quality. 

People say that the best things in life are free. In this case, I disagree. Free WordPress themes have significant drawbacks, including:

  • Limited support. You don’t get any form of documentation or direct communications from the creators. Some developers will support you, but they don’t have to. So when you want to change a feature in the theme or troubleshoot a problem, this raises an issue.
  • It’s not unique. Free WordPress themes have limited customization features making your business website look generic.

Premium WordPress themes are available on third-party shops such as StudioPress and ThemeForest. You can also buy from theme developers like ThemeIsle or aThemes

Developers will provide top customer support and communication for a premium theme. But some of them don’t reveal user ratings like in a WordPress directory. 

Other advantages of a premium theme are that they provide advanced features such as SEO, custom graphics and content, and a unique web design. However, some are expensive and need additional feed either monthly or annually. 

Niche vs. Multipurpose themes

A niche theme is for specific industries such as eCommerce sites, blogs, entertainment, or any other business niche. Customization options and features in these themes have requirements for your particular needs. 

Multi-purpose themes have multiple extensions, pages, and custom widgets for customizing sites for various niches. 

Child vs. Parent themes

Parent themes contain all required WordPress template files and other features to form a complete theme.

On the other hand, a child theme inherits the main features of the parent theme. Developers typically use the child theme to modify the main site so that they can verify changes before they go live.

Okay – with all of that clarified, let’s get into the list of the top themes for small businesses.

1. Astra

Pro VersionStarts at $47 annually

Astra theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme that you can use for a business website. It is SEO-friendly, very fast, and has various design elements to create a unique WordPress site. 

The multipurpose WordPress theme offers unmatched performance with its speed and lightweight features. It loads in less than half a second, even when you enable all modules. 

The developers created it for speed and optimized it for performance hence can be perfect for small businesses like digital agencies.

As for size, Astra only needs less than 50KB as compared to other themes that require at least 300 KB. It has 230+ templates, and you can edit them to design your site’s layout. 

Another unique feature is the theme’s white-label option for businesses that do their custom branding. It is also compatible with WordPress’s latest editor and other tools. 

Astra pros

  • Compatible with major page builders
  • One of the fastest themes 
  • It has more than 230 prebuilt starter templates 
  • It has excellent customizable options
  • Affordable pro version

Astra cons 

  • You need the Pro versions to unlock great features 

Give Astra a shot here.

2. Divi

CostFree trial for thirty days
Cost after free trial$89 annually, 249-lifetime access

Divi is one of the best WordPress themes in the market, with more than 22,000 people have rated it on Trustpilot, and 97% of those are 5-star ratings. 

So why is this theme so popular and almost perfect?

Divi provides effortless creation and management features for business owners, freelancers, and agencies. Its front-end builder allows you to change image settings, add special effects and edit each section on a page. 

When creating a website with Divi, you don’t have to go back and forth between two tabs. The Visual Drag and Drop Page Builder makes the process easy and fast; you can see the changes in real time. 

Divi allows you to start creating your website with a blank template. But why go through all the struggle when you have 2000+ premade layouts and 200 website packs that fit different industries, including business, health, and tech? 

You can make your business website as unique as possible with Divi customization tools. For instance, animations make the site more engaging, and hover options include special effects on interactive elements. 

Divi WordPress theme has a magic color manager that remembers and stores recently used colors. It also has built-in split testing for A/B testing, allowing you to divide your audience. With this, you can test many variations of a website or campaign and see which performs better. 

E-commerce businesses need small business WordPress themes that integrate with tools such as WooCommerce, which Divi does. The plugin allows you to sell unlimited products to visitors who browse and purchase your items. 

Additionally, you can create a custom cart and checkout page that fit your brand. 

Nothing is perfect, and this also applies to Divi. It has too many layout options, which I don’t see as a con. But some users complain the options make them overwhelmed. 

It also takes time to learn the theme as a beginner, especially if you only know traditional website development strategies. 

Divi pros 

  • Visual Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • 2000+ premade layouts
  • Allows individuality with its array of customization tools
  • Magic color manager 
  • Built-in split testing
  • WooCommerce for E-commerce websites

Divi cons 

  • Too many options leave some overwhelmed
  • It takes time to learn the theme as a beginner 
  • Website speed varies depending on the number of add-ons 

Give Divi a Try here.

3. OceanWP 

Annual cost$71 for business website
Lifetime cost$285 for business website

OceanWP theme has innovative features with a suite of extensions. It is a popular WordPress theme with over one million WordPress website users and 2.5 million downloads. It has a rating of 4.9, almost close to Astra’s 5.0 star rating. 

So, why is OceanWP so popular?

This WordPress business theme allows you to build your site from scratch or choose from 220+ modern Gutenberg and Elementor-ready complete website WordPress templates. 

You can customize the sections, headers, and footers and quickly implement them on a global or individual page level. The color and font options also allow you to customize each section, making your brand unique. 

OceanWP theme is easy to use, giving you control of changing your layout and disabling or enabling theme sections. 

It comes with OceanWP Core extensions bundle including the following:

  • Elementor custom Widgets
  • Sticky header
  • Footer Callout
  • Cookie notice
  • Woo Popup
  • Side panel

The WooCommerce integration is free, allowing you to build an online store for your business. You can select your preferred styling options, enable shop elements or change the order in which products appear. 

WooCommerce also allows you to filter widgets or make multiple options for your clients without disturbing their experience. 

OceanWP pros 

  • WooCommerce making the perfect eCommerce small business website
  • Highly customizable
  • 200+ website templates
  • Provide seven customizable header styles
  • Fully responsive 
  • Provide extensions such as Elementor widgets, sticky headers, footer callouts, etc.

OceanWP cons 

  • Too many plugins needed to install

Give OceanWP a try here!

4. Sydney

Pro-version CostFirst tier: $69
Rating 4.9

Sydney is one of the best small business WordPress themes. AThemes created the WordPress Theme; it’s their most popular theme, with over 100,000 installs from the WordPress directory. 

The theme has two versions – free and paid. The paid version comes with premium support and additional features like other WordPress themes. But what makes this theme perfect for a small business?

Sydney offers 12 modern demos, which you can install with one click. It also has 2 WooCommerce demos which you can use to create an online shop. In addition, you can add your logo and customize images and text. 

The fast theme is compatible with ElementorPro and Beeverbuilder page builder. If you choose this website for your small business, I recommend installing Elementor for free, but the pro version is better. 

The theme also comes with 600 built-in Google Fonts plugins to set your preferred Google fonts automatically.

It also provides custom widgets, including Contact Info, Call To Action, Facts, the Latest News, and more.

Sydney theme pros

  • Offers Versatility hence perfect for a small business website and other websites
  • Complete free version
  • It can work well with the Elementor builder 
  • Regular updates 

Sydney theme cons 

  • The free version has limited versions
  • Pro-Version is pricier than themes of its level

Give Sydney a try here!

5. Betheme

Cost$60 with lifetime updates plus 6-month support
Other Costs$18 for extended support to 12 months

Betheme is a multipurpose and mobile responsive popular theme among website developers. It is a flexible WordPress theme with versatile and user-friendly features and 500+ pre-built websites. It also includes prebuilt themes designed for Elementor. 

The Muffin Builder built into Betheme makes it one of the best business WordPress Themes. It is a drag-and-drop builder with all the requirements for designing your page layouts. You can customize the graphics, fonts, and images. 

Due to the plenty of layout options, it takes some time to figure out the ropes. Betheme also doesn’t have a custom theme updater. Instead, you need to use the free Envato market WordPress plugin to update the theme. 

Another thing I don’t like about this site is that it doesn’t have a front-end builder. So when creating your site, you need to open two tabs to see any changes you make. 

Betheme pros 

  • 500+ pre-built websites
  • Free Lifetime updates
  • Compatible with Elementor
  • Responsive 
  • SEO friendly
  • 20+ header options

Betheme cons 

  • No custom theme updater
  • No front-end builder 
  • No free version or trial

Give Betheme a Try here.

6. Entrepreneur

Cost$59 annually with 6-month support
Additional costs$17.63 for an extended 12-month support 
Rating 4.83

Entrepreneur is one of the best WordPress themes for a small business. It is a responsive theme that is easy to create and use, which allows you to book appointments and receive payments on the front end. 

The WordPress theme is perfect for a business website such as coaching, hairstyling, personal trainers, contracting, and clinics. 

This business WordPress theme offers features like live Drag & Drop Builder, allowing you to customize your site with Elementor. 

You get unlimited design options, 20+ page templates, 40+ custom widgets, and many header and background options for your small business website. 

The layouts in the Entrepreneur WordPress theme are niche-specific. For instance, you’ll find layouts for Massage Therapy, Accounting, and other small businesses. 

Entrepreneur also provides a 3-hour support response during work hours. 

As for the eCommerce site, the theme has WooCommerce integration that allows you to build an online store.

Unfortunately, you must pay an extra $17.63 for extended 12-month support after the first six months of use. 

I’d recommend something other than this WordPress theme for a small business that doesn’t require appointments. It is one of the best WordPress themes for small businesses with its built-in booking and scheduling system.

Entrepreneur pros 

  • Responsive build
  • Built-in booking system
  • Front-end page builder 
  • 20+ page templates
  • 40+ widgets

Entrepreneur cons  

  • You must pay an extra $17.63 for extended 12-month support after six months.
  • Not a great option for a small business that doesn’t need to book appointments
  • Give EntrepreneurEntrepreneur a try here!

Give Entrepreneur a try here.

7. X-Theme 

Cost $79 annually with 6-month support 
Additional costs $25.14 for extended support to 12 months

X-theme is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. It is affordable for huge or small businesses, including restaurants, tech companies, salons, gyms, non-profits, and more. 

This business WordPress theme comes with four stacks which are different designs. I have not come across any other theme that does this. Each stack is highly customizable, which means you can make this theme perfect for any business website. 

X-theme also has impressive shortcodes for designing your business website without adding more plugins. Some of the shortcodes include growth bars, pricing tables, animated counting numbers, buttons, and columns. 

If you ever change to another WordPress theme for your small business, X provides plugins for all its shortcodes to keep your site intact. 

I noticed that X-theme added WordPress plugins for some features. I wasn’t impressed with this move since the plugins aren’t compelling and theme-centric. But it does provide more functionality, row layout elements, and Elements API. 

X-Theme pros 

  • Four design stacks for any big or small business
  • Front-end editor
  • Various shortcodes for designing the theme
  • Many third-party plugins

X-Theme cons 

  • Too many theme features can leave beginners overwhelmed
  • Not ideal for a small business looking for a minimal theme
  • Need some configuration to get started

Give X-Theme a try here.

8. Intact 

Cost$59 and 6-month free support
Additional costs$17.63 for extended support of up to 12 months

Intact is one of the best WordPress themes for a small business or entrepreneur. It has 12 demos for different business purposes, from one-click install, design agency homepages, and a 404-error page. 

Additionally, Intact offers prebuild templates, a responsive design, 30+ shortcodes, and 12 column grid. All these features help you create a complex small business website without coding. 

The WordPress theme includes features like Social Media Icons, font icon sheets, and various color choices.

However, Intact has its flaws. It can be challenging for a beginner to figure out how to customize it at first. And the page builder can slow down the theme a little bit. But it is essential for designing your site even with minimal knowledge. 

Intact pros 

  • Advanced design features include parallax scrolling and CSS3 animations
  • 12 demos
  • One-click installation
  • Powerful admin panel 
  • Responsive design 

Intact cons 

  • Advanced features which can be overwhelming for beginners
  • The page builder slows them down a little bit

Give Intact a try here.

9. Ultra

CostStandard: $59
Rating 4.15

The Ultra Theme has 60+ niche demo layouts with 40+ demo websites. The WordPress theme allows you to design various custom layouts using the drag-and-drop builder, slider backgrounds, video backgrounds, custom styling, parallax scrolling, and animations. 

Ultra also comes with 12 add-ons that make designing your page easier. It offers fast speed to keep your visitors engaged. It works with Builder Pro, a free page builder in every Themify theme, which you can use separately for other themes. 

Another great feature is that Ultra offers a mega menu where you select the number of columns, texts, or images. It also has image filters, so you don’t have to use third-party apps like Photoshop, saving you time. 

However, the theme’s advanced features can be a learning curve for newbies. 

Ultra Theme pros 

  • 60+ niche demo layouts
  • 40+ demo websites
  • Drag and drop page website builder 
  • Various customization options
  • A multi-purpose theme

Ultra Theme cons 

  • Overwhelming for beginners

Give Ultra a try here.

10. Authority Pro

Pro Version$360 for this theme and more with Genesis Pro
Rating(Not provided)

Authority Pro is an excellent business WordPress theme since it can help boost traffic and conversions, helping you achieve online success. 

Authority Pro is among the website themes with SEO functionality, helping you choose the best keywords, titles, and descriptions to increase or generate traffic. 

I was impressed with the theme’s plugin that makes it easy to create squeeze pages as marketing tools when building a subscriber list. 

The WordPress Theme is also Gutenberg optimized, enabling you to build a reusable module for content. You can customize or combine these modules with others. 

The theme customizer can change the layout, color, fonts, background, footer text, or logo. The customizable header allows you to upload your custom logo and provides full support for text-based logos when getting started. 

The theme is also great for eCommerce businesses since it’s compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to set up an online store.

The problem with this theme is that it’s not ideal for sophisticated small business websites. It doesn’t have color options or advanced design elements. And although it has passed the speed test, the general framework can be slow. 

Luckily, if you don’t find the perfect theme for your website, they offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Authority Pro advantages

  • Search Engine Friendly
  • WooCommerce for eCommerce businesses
  • One-time fee
  • Lifetime updates
  • Gutenberg optimized 

AuthorityPro cons 

  • Not ideal for sophisticated small business websites
  • No advanced design elements
  • No color options
  • The general framework can be slow

Give Authority Pro a try here.

Does a WordPress Theme affect SEO?

Themes affect essential aspects of SEO, including your website’s speed, stability, metadata, and indexation. One way a theme can affect SEO is when it loads quickly, which allows users to navigate quickly and stay longer on a page, reducing bounce rates. 

Can a WordPress theme be customized?

You can customize WordPress themes through a native tool that administrators use to change the basic styling of a theme without interfering with the underlying code. 

Are Free WordPress Themes Safe?

Free WordPress themes are safe for your site. WordPress thoroughly checks themes for standard compliant code, quality HTML and other security measures. 

For complete security, continually update your theme, follow the correct code of standards, and ensure it’s compatible with your WordPress version.  

Can I create my own WordPress theme?

Yes, you can create your theme. It’s a little complicated; you need basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Still, beginners with little background in coding can create a theme with the proper instructions.

Are WordPress themes responsive?

Most modern themes are fully responsive, but not all. Responsive themes can automatically adjust their images and content according to any screen size and device. So, you have to check if your theme is responsive by looking at the Features. 

What is the difference between a WordPress theme and template?

The theme determines the design and layout of your entire site, while the templates give the structure of a single page on your site. 

You can only have one active theme on your site, but you can have multiple templates. For example, a page can have footer layout templates and a header template. 

Final thoughts on WordPress themes for small businesses

Website themes determine your website’s appearance and affect other aspects, such as speed and security. Poorly coded themes with unnecessary features and codes increase your theme’s size and load time. 

When choosing a suitable theme for your business:

  • Look at the design: Themes come with additional page templates that suit different businesses. For instance, you can search for health themes if you have a nutrition business. 
  • Plugin compatibility: Plugins are software you install to add features to your site. For instance, one popular plugin is WooCommerce which allows you to build an online store. 
  • Up-to-date development: The best theme has consistent and regular updates from their developers to keep up with Google SEO trends and new tech stacks and fix security issues. 
  • Responsive design: A responsive design allows your website to adjust to any screen size, including tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops. 

I listed ten website themes that are great for small businesses. They come with different features, and you can choose a theme depending on your business. Selecting a suitable WordPress theme is essential since it increases traffic and engagement to your site, boosting sales. 

Good luck choosing the most appropriate WordPress theme for your business!

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