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The 6 Best Video Testimonial Software Tools (2023)

Our Top Pick: Testimonial

Testimonial makes it super-easy to ask customers and clients to leave a video testimonial for your business. In a burgeoning industry, this platform is the current standard, with a wide range of features that make testimonial collection easier than ever.


Best for social media integration

Best for complex automation

Best for written-review integration

Looking for the best video testimonial software to start collecting customer reviews?

Here’s our quick list of the top tools:

  1. Testimonial
  2. Boast
  3. VideoAsk
  4. Trust
  5. VideoPeel
  6. StoryPrompt

Want to know what makes these tools stand out in an increasingly crowded market? That’s a good call.

Keep reading for the details.

Why use video testimonial tools?

As a small business owner, you’ve got a great brand and a slick website. Your product photos and videos are top-notch, and your loyal customers come to shop with you again and again. But as an entrepreneur, you’re someone who is always aware of how many people aren’t saying yes to your offer, and you’re constantly thinking of ways to “fix” that.

Why is it that as entrepreneurs, we seem to be wired to believe that there’s always business being left on the table? Our DNA seems to have us on this never-ending quest to increase conversion rates, and sign up just one… more… customer! And, at some point in your journey, I am certain that you’ve looked into the power of reviews and customer testimonials.

We’re all aware of the power testimonials hold. As customers ourselves, we rely heavily on independent appraisals of products and services by people that have already taken the leap of faith and purchased something. Testimonials make the rest of us feel safer to say yes, and help us to weed out low-quality brands and products.

Most of us have already started using testimonials, and perhaps you’ve even experienced the thrill of having happy customers send photos along with these too. Maybe even (if you’re ahead of the curve) you’ve already encountered the next big thing, which is something that holds even more water than even the best-written review and photo combo. It’s the next natural step in the evolution of customer reviews: video testimonials.

If you’ve ever done any kind of video work, then you also know that making them is expensive. And time-consuming! Well, I’m happy to tell you that this is all changing and when it comes to video testimonials there are so many great tools out there for your small business.

That’s why today we’re looking at the top 6 video testimonial platforms to help make it easy for your customers to leave vital feedback.

What is video testimonial software?

So, what is video testimonial software, specifically? Before I answer that, let’s take a second and define what a video testimonial is, and how these fit into the evolution of customer reviews. Simply put, video testimonials are the natural, next chapter in the long, storied history of online reviews.

In the early days of the internet (and even somewhat today), reviews were pretty basic. Written quotes mainly. More often than not, businesses would cherry-pick their best ones, or worse, make them up entirely. And this worked (until people got more tech-savvy).

This issue gave way to the rise of independent review websites like TrustPilot. And these helped preserve the value of reviews. But soon, written testimonials were simply everywhere, and they were boring. Their text-only layout didn’t match the visual nature of the internet, which made them easy to ignore.

To make things more interesting, businesses found ways to get customers to submit content showing their products. With that, the user-generated content (UGC) era had begun. Now, written reviews were backed up with customer photos. This added a whole new dimension of legitimacy to the idea of the testimonial.

Naturally, with almost everyone having a camera in their pocket (not to mention people’s comfort level appearing on screen) the video testimonial has recently started to become a lot more popular – and it works. Why? One big reason is that we’re naturally drawn to human faces. They communicate more than the written word, and they keep our attention for longer. 

There’s just one main problem with video testimonials, and videos in general: making them is a lot of work! You need to convince a customer to do it, shoot it and upload it. Then you have to get it edited. Don’t forget to brand it! Finally, you’ve got to post it and figure out how to get it onto your website. It’s simply too much work.

Thankfully, several very clever entrepreneurs have jumped on this opportunity and created a slew of video testimonial software tools to make it all a lot easier – for everyone involved. So let’s jump in right now, and talk about the 6 of the best ones:

1. Testimonial

Entry Level Price$50/month (+ an always-free free starter option)
Free TrialYes 

The brief on Testimonial

Testimonial makes it super-easy to ask customers and clients to leave a video testimonial for your business. They offer several different packages for businesses of all sizes and include features like a dedicated landing page that you can share easily through email, social media, or even SMS/text. Like many of these platforms, the idea is that you send customers your “explainer” page. With the click of a button, they can easily leave their video testimonial from their smartphone or computer. It’s a slick interface, and it simply works.

The other thing I like? Business owners have access to a dashboard where they can manage all the content customers generate. In addition to lots of embeddable widgets, each video has its own, unique embed code, so you can place it anywhere on your website (not to mention that integration guides for just about every popular CMS platform like WebFlow, Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, etc).

Pros of Testimonial

  • Dedicated landing page to educate customers
  • Simple, easy to manage dashboard
  • Embeddable ‘Wall of Love’ feature
  • Very easy to record and submit a video review
  • Has video and written review options
  • Videos can be downloaded in case you move platforms
  • Unlimited videos
  • Supports gift card incentives (with fee)

Cons of Testimonial

  • Entry-level price may be high for small businesses
  • Video metrics are an add-on feature (+$)
  • Restricted to 1 account seat for entry-level paid plan
  • Gift card incentive fees are high

Give Testimonial a shot here.

2. Boast

Entry Level Price$50/month
Free TrialYes 

The brief on Boast

Much like Testimonial, and most of the other video testimonial review software options, Boast also offers a similar request mechanism that makes getting video reviews from customers easier.

What I love about Boast are its extensive embedding options. These include the ability to display feedback on any page of your website, with multiple style options and a lot of customizable controls when it comes to form fields. Another feature you’ll probably love as a small business owner? Filterable controls. These customers show see reviews based on things like location, custom tags, and even by the staff member that helped the customer (which is perfect for service-based businesses).

Pros of Boast

  • The basic plan is still fully-featured
  • Allows for 600 new ‘responses’ per year
  • Offers integrations with social media

Cons of Boast

  • The basic plan is limited to one business location
  • Have to pay to get higher resolution video
  • No SMS “sequences” on basic plan

Give Boast a shot here.

3. VideoAsk

Entry Level Price$24/month (+ an always-free free starter option)
Free TrialYes 

The brief on VideoAsk

Videoask feels very similar to an email marketing platform like Klayvio when it comes to its ‘workflow’ tool. It allows you to create very customizable sequences for customers to help them leave the best testimonial possible.

When going through the process, customers can be guided by your short videos to help prompt them on what you’d like them to talk about. You can see these prompts and sequences in action within seconds of setting up a free account.

The other thing that stands out about VideoAsk? They’re not just about testimonial videos. They believe in the power of engaging people using video, and they have templates for leveraging video to support lead generation, Net Promoter Score ratings, recruitment, and more. They’re owned by Typeform, a company that understands how to engage users and get information from people. With VideoAsk’s experience knowing how to get people talking combined with their “all-in” on video, you might seriously consider this as your testimonial platform of choice.

Pros of VideoAsk

  • Great interface and tools
  • Goes way beyond video testimonials
  • Integrated with Typeform (obviously)
  • Nice ‘prompt’ features to guide customers
  • Automatic audio transcription


  • Pricing based on video/audio processing minutes
  • May have to upgrade to higher tiers sooner than later
  • Embedding widgets may be more limited than competitors

Give VideoAsk a shot here.

4. Trust

Entry Level Price$16/month
Free TrialYes 

The brief on Trust

Trust, like most video testimonial platforms, offers easy to use tools that make it easy for business owners to manage reviews and for customers to leave them. The process is very similar to sites like, and Boast and customers can be directed to a custom landing page with everything they need to upload their video. Customers may also love the ‘teleprompter’ feature, designed to make the video recording process less stressful for them.

Trust offers a selection of handy widgets so that you can embed video testimonials throughout your website with ease. Like, they even feature a ‘Wall of Love’ widget.

Pros of Trust

  • Solid user interface
  • Teleprompter feature makes recording easier for customers
  • Lots of video testimonial embedding options and widgets
  • Helps make it easy for customers to submit written reviews to other sites

Cons of Trust

  • Starter level only allows 50 testimonials
  • The video quality is HD-only, regardless of plan

Try Trust here.

5. VideoPeel

Entry Level Price$49/month
Free TrialYes 

The brief on VideoPeel

As a no-nonsense small business owner, you may just love that VideoPeel doesn’t even bother promoting an overly-basic, entry-level tier. Instead, their starting plan is priced like the mid-tier plans of their competitors. It comes fully featured with one awesome exception: unlimited videos. The jump to premium adds in things like automated transcripts, custom rights management, metrics, and more.

What might stop you from signing up right now? Their website could do more to outline the platform’s features better. If you’re more hands-on and want to jump right into a free trial this won’t likely be a big roadblock for you, though.

Pros of VideoPeel

  • Familiar dashboard/testimonial management tool
  • Non-nonsense pricing tiers
  • Unlimited number of videos
  • Can be used for more than testimonials
  • Offers a lot of visual control over forms and pages

Cons of VideoPeel

  • Key features not clearly outlined on the website
  • Might need to schedule a demo if you’re less hands-on

Check out VideoPeel here.

6. StoryPrompt

Entry Level Price$39/month (annual plan)
Free TrialYes 

The brief on StoryPrompt

Like VideoAsk, StoryPrompt isn’t just about generating testimonials – it’s about leveraging the power of video. Even though they’re relatively new to the market, StoryPrompt is a real contender when we’re talking about the best video testimonial software tools available. Why? Mainly because they’ve nailed their process. They’ve made it easy for small business owners and their clients to do it quickly, and easily. Also, their support is extremely responsive and they  lean on their clients to drive the development of their tools.

With StoryPrompt, business owners send a link to the customer or client they’re requesting a video testimonial from. The customer clicks the link and using your prompts, talks about their experience with your product, service, or company. Once it’s all said and done, StoryPrompt creates a fully produced video that you can easily embed on your website. The only limitation you might find right now? They’re developing their widgets (like the ‘Wall of Love’) – but stay tuned, because I believe that you can expect big things from this team quickly.

Pros of StoryPrompt

  • Well-designed tools, easy for owners and customers
  • Offers automated editing and branding of videos
  • Also, editing tools enable you to trim, add music, and more
  • Starter plan is well-designed
  • Very responsive support
  • App development is driven by client feedback

Cons of StoryPrompt

  • Widgets/embedding features currently limited

Check out StoryPrompt here.

How do I get more testimonials from customers?

Getting your customers and clients to leave a review can be hard. I think that we’re wired to think that people aren’t willing to do that for us. But the truth is, many businesses (small businesses especially) just don’t ask, or aren’t leveraging all the ways that you can ask. 

Sometimes the best way is to send a personal email.

And really: make it personal. The goal of it is to make the person on the other side of the table understand why it’s so important. This is all part of your job as a small business owner to create “champions” out of your customers.

If they’ve had a great experience with you, and understand that independent reviews help convince others to support your business they will step up and help. Your customers will take pride in knowing they played a role in helping to build your business.

If you’re having trouble getting more testimonials from your customers, and you’re doing everything you can to ask for them, then maybe it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself: am I doing everything I can to wow them?

Think of it this way. You may have customers that are happy with what you provided them. But at the end of the day, that’s exactly what they signed up for. That was the transaction. If you want to get more out of them, usually you have to deliver more to them in the first place.

Exceed their expectations.

Look at every aspect of their experience with your company. What more can you do to make them feel special? What else can you do to make sure they see how much work is invested into them to make their experience feel special? More often than not, there’s always more companies can do to leave a lasting impression on customers (and it might be as simple as a personal thank you note inside a box, or a follow-up thank you letter sent later).

Processes make perfect.

Another way to wow customers? Don’t overlook making sure you have clear processes in place for dealing with issues when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes those experiences generate the most powerful reviews. Why? Because to someone considering dealing with you, knowing how you handle issues may be exactly the thing they need to hear before committing.

Why do customer testimonials work so well, anyway?

Why do customer reviews and testimonials work in the first place? The main reason is that people tend to be risk-averse, especially when it comes to parting with their hard-earned money.

If a customer has already come along and bought something (and had a great experience doing so) that makes it safer for everyone else to follow. Does the following sound familiar? “If it worked out for this person, it’ll probably work out for me too.” That’s just how we’re wired.

Add in the power of video, and it’s even more effective. It plays right into our psychology. The written word is strong, and we are capable of reading and pulling out the emotion within it. But when you tie a human face to something, our brains can pick up more of the message – the body language, the expressions, and much more of the emotion.

How do I make video reviews look and sound more interesting?

The best way to make your video testimonials more interesting comes down to a few things. 

  1. First, make sure you’ve got your branding tied down. Make each video testimonial consistent, so that when you publish them – wherever you publish them – they look, and feel the same.
  2. Keep them short. Edit the reviews so that the most important parts are communicated to prospective clients/customers. You’re only going to capture the attention of your audience for so long. Don’t waste a second.
  3. Focus on what potential customers need to hear. Prompt your customers. Give them the questions and things you’d like them to talk about. Again, focus on the things that potential customers/clients need to hear to help get them off the fence.
  4. Show your product or the results of your service. Hold up products, or ask the client to shoot them in the space you just renovated for them. This not only makes it easier for them to talk about their experience, but it helps the person watching the video testimonial picture themselves holding that item or being in that space.

Final thoughts on video testimonial software tools

Video testimonials are the next iteration of customer reviews. The sheer number of specialized apps out there is enough to tell us that. While there is a lot of choice, they’re all fairly similar in how they work:

  1. The business reaches out to the client – by email, SMS, social media, etc.
  2. The client clicks the link and lands on a custom page featuring a video from the business that describes what they’re being asked to do.
  3. A record button enables the client to capture their testimonial.
  4. This gets uploaded, edited, and added to the company’s collection of video testimonials.

So for me, choosing the right platform comes down to the finer details, and by focusing on what makes each subtly different:

  1. Ease of use, for you and your customers. The platforms that eliminate the barriers are going to be the ones that drive the most response from clients. At the end of the day, that’s what you want: more reviews that tell the world how great you and your company are.
  2. The best options are the ones that enable you to give clients specific prompts. This helps guide your customers to talk about the things that are important for prospective clients to hear, and it makes it easier for them to speak to the camera.
  3. Platforms that recognize that not everyone is willing to leave a video testimonial are the ones that are going to be the most effective for a small business owner. That’s why I really like VideoAsk, because not only does it support prompting your clients with specific questions and topics, but it also supports written testimonials. Customers who aren’t comfortable appearing on video in your marketing material still have the ability to support your business with good feedback.

While I listed them sixth, I also want to give a very honorable mention to StoryPrompt. This is a thoroughly impressive platform from a company that was only formed in March 2022. Even though they’re so new, their platform is tight, and you can see a rock-solid team backs them. I needed support to learn more about one particular feature and was connected with a real person within five seconds. For a small business owner, that may be reason enough to give them your business.

It’s apparent that video on the internet is here to stay, and video testimonials are further proof.

It’s important to recognize that this is the next stage in the evolution of customer feedback, so you might as well get your business on board sooner than later – because it’s going to keep evolving!

Good luck!

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