The 3 Things You Need to Build an Audience on Any Platform

Confession time: I think we make audience building more confusing than it really is. Don’t get me wrong – despite what some corners of the internet will tell you, it’s not easy to build an audience online (at least any sort of meaningful audience). Most often, it takes a good bit of effort and time to […]

How the Director of Operations at a 7-Figure Agency Thinks About Marketing

Jacob Brain is the Director of Operations at New North, a marketing agency focused in the B2B tech space. In this episode, he unpacks what his role entails. He also explains what’s working now in the world of marketing and gives insight into how small business owners can level-up their own efforts. You can follow […]

How Seth Kordic Made $700K in Amazon Sales in 2022

Seth Kordic, otherwise known as Checkmate Flips, is an Amazon seller specializing in eBay to Amazon. In this episode, he shares how he grew a successful store and how others could do the same. You can find Seth on Instagram and on YouTube at the handle @checkmateflips.

The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Small Businesses

Are you looking for the best WordPress Themes for a Small Business? Here’s a quick overview of the top themes: What makes these themes perfect for your small business? Keep reading to find out more. First, what are WordPress themes? A WordPress theme is a cluster of files (or templates) that make your website’s layout […]

Avoid These 5 Small Business Email Marketing Mistakes

As a small business, it’s important to make sure your email marketing efforts are successful. But let’s face it: We all screw up sometimes. With so many options available and the ever-changing landscape of digital technology, it can be easy to make mistakes that lead to wasted time and resources. Don’t worry, though. You can […]

Quick Guide to Video Testimonials for Small Businesses

Are you looking for ways to get more customer feedback? In today’s video-driven content landscape, video testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for both collecting feedback and displaying your expertise. Here’s the gist: With a few well-crafted queries, you can unlock valuable insights from customers that will help take your business to the […]

How Many Testimonials Should You Put on Your Business Website?

Testimonials are a great way for small businesses to show potential customers that their products and services have been well-received. However, many business owners struggle with how many testimonials they should include on their website. You don’t want to bore people with the same success stories over and over, but you don’t want to come […]

How to Collect Video Testimonials for Your Small Business

You’ve heard it before: Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. People trust people – and what better way to capitalize on this than by collecting video testimonials from your satisfied customers? In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to collect video testimonials and how you can do so […]

The 6 Best Video Testimonial Software Tools (2023)

Looking for the best video testimonial software to start collecting customer reviews? Here’s our quick list of the top tools: Want to know what makes these tools stand out in an increasingly crowded market? That’s a good call. Keep reading for the details. Why use video testimonial tools? As a small business owner, you’ve got […]

The 4 Best Email Marketing Platforms for Small Business

So, you’ve been tasked with finding the perfect email marketing platform for your company? Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this post we’ll be looking at the 4 best email marketing services for small businesses: You’re probably already familiar with the idea of SaaS (Software as a Service), and so you might […]